Welcome to Hellasgården – an oasis in the heart of nature!

alg fotbollsgolf

Last chance for soccergolf


If you havn't yet tried our soccergolf now is a good time! We close for the season moday October 7th. You can read more here. 

P.s The photo of the beauty above was by Mikael Nyberg friday October 5th


The women and men switch sauna and changing rooms every Thursday

Since there are usually more women than men visiting us on Thursdays, we have now decided that men and women will switch changing rooms and sauna every Thursday. This means that the women will get access to the larger changing rooms and roomier sauna! 


We will inform you and remind you when you pay the entry fee, so make sure you go to the correct side!


Watch the short and popular movie about Hellasgården!



Hellasgården is a popular and scenic place to meet for businesses, associations, and families.


Offering a wide range of activities, Hellasgården is a fantastic platform for events such as kick-offs, courses, camps, competitions, and other anniversaries. Above all, many people and their families come here to enjoy nature, exercise or just simply relax.


Located only 15 minutes away from Slussen station in Stockholm, Hellasgården is the obvious gateway to one of Sweden´s finest nature reserves.



More and more companies choose Hellasgården for its kick off and conference

Read more on our conference and event site!


We fire up our barbecue grill every Saturday and Sunday

Right now, we have a full range of activities going on like skiing, ice skating, sledding and of course, gym and sauna with cold bathing!


Every Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 12.00 and 15.00, we fire up our outside barbecue grill, and we do it year-round! Buy hotdogs and hamburgers in our café down by the lake, or barbecue your own food that you have brought with you!


Take a look at our other activities in the menu above.



Welcome to visit with us!