Ice skate rental is open

(20180119) The lake is plowed and the rental is open. 

The ice skating rental is open!

(180116) The ice skate rental is open every day 10 am to 3.30 pm! We hope the cold nights will stay and post here and on facebook when we close again. 


Try our nice cream and smoothies!

(20170630) Try our homemade smoothies and nice cream in our summer café which we now keep open everyday 11-16!



A ray of sunshine amidst the april rain!

(20170425) We can offer you a small ray of sunshine in the midst of the april rain and snow - the first weekend of May we will be opening our summer café again! 



We now kickstart the footballgolf!

(20170408) The easter holidays are upon us and we now open the footballgolf for the season. We are open as regular except for on Good Friday and Easter Monday, see details here

The skiing rental opens on Thursday!

(20170104) Finally the winter and snow is here and on Thursday we can open our skiing rental! Right now the yellow 5 km track is plowed and the kids' track as well. The rental is open until 15 and you can return equipment until 16 latest.

After you're done skiing, you can visit the sauna and try ice cold dips in the lake! We also have various lunches, sweets and warm drinks for you to consume! You can also eat lunch at restaurant Storstugan that is newly opened. Welcome out for a great weekend!


skidor hel-440


Maintenance on the water heater

(20161210) There has been one too many times where the warm water hasn't been enough and lasted throughout the whole day. So on Wednesday the 14th there will be maintenance done on the water heater. During the day there will only be cold water in the showers and faucets. The sauna will still be on.

We hope to have the warm water back in time for the aufguss and evening from 17.00. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding. 

Sauna and showers open again

(20160616) The sauna and showers are now open again. The water pressure is a bit lower than normal but you can still shower just fine.

Sauna and showers closed on thursday due to maintenance

(20160516) Due to repairs being made on water pipes, from 10 pm tonight the water will be shut off. The sauna and showers will be closed on thursday, how long is still unknown. We will update once we know more!


Our other activities and café is still open as normal. 


Arom sauna with peeling tonight!

(20160613) Tonight there will be arom sauna with peeling! Entry fee from 5 pm is 85 kr. Welcome! 

You can see more details here

Soup lunch at Hellasgården

(20160613) At the lakeside café you can get homemade soup for lunch! Today it's homemade potato and leek soup. With the menu you also get a sandwich and coffee/tea.

You can read more here

Conference and kickoffs at Hellasgården

(20160612) We offer a wide variety of activities, lunches and oppurtunities for your company conferences or kickoffs. We have some already prepared packages but we're also open to customise something that fits just you perfectly!

See more information here

Rent a canoe at Hellasgården!

(20160611) Rent a canoe at Hellasgården and paddle your way forward on the beautiful lake Källtorp. 

See more details here

Storstugan now open every monday during the summer

(20160610) Restaurant Storstugan at Hellasgården is now open every monday during the summer! 

Raw food café at Hellasgården

(20160610) Next weekend we are opening our raw food café at Hellasgården. We'll sell cold-pressed juice, homemade smoothies and nice cream, among other things. Nice cream is vegan ice cream that you make using frozen bananas and other frozen berries. 


More details coming soon!

The footballgolf and the minigolf are now open for the season!

The minigolf and the footballgolf are now open for the season! You can read more about the footballgolf here and the minigolf here

The reception and sauna closes at 4 PM on Sunday 20/3

The sauna and reception closes at 4 PM on Sunday 20/3 due to maintenance, so plan accordingly! 

Aufguss Performances at Hellasgården!

Aufguss-performance at Hellasgården with aufgussmeister Berthold Saar and saunameister Terttu has become very popular.



The women and men switch changing rooms and saunas every Thursday

Since there are usually more women than men visiting us on Thursdays, we have now decided that men and women will switch changing rooms and sauna every Thursday.


Happy new year from Hellasgården

We from Hellasgården wish you a very happy new year! Today on new year's eve, the sauna closes at 18.30. Tomorrow on new year's day the sauna is open to 17.30. Welcome!