Aufguss Performances at Hellasgården!


Hellasgården has the pleasure to offer a more luxury form of aufguss performance on Saturday evenings, led by aufgussmeister Berthold Saar and saunameister Terttu.

All these evenings, except for the Mother’s Day evening, are done under mixed conditions, meaning that women and men use the same sauna, showers and changing rooms.



Our aufguss performance evenings on Saturdays are very different from the ones we have on weekdays. During our special aufguss performance evenings, you as a guest get:

- 1,5 hours of nice aufguss sauna where everyone sits comfortably. (We only have 27 spots to book)

- You can borrow 2 towels at no cost, one to sit on and one to dry with.

- An incredibly broad range of scents

- Every pour is a new scent

- We use cosy LED lights during the performances as well as music befitting of the evening’s theme.

- Aufguss is done non-stop, meaning when people are gathered in the sauna, they’ll begin a new pour.

- Salt/olive oil peeling.

- Hellasgården will also treat you to fruit and lemonade!

All this for 330 kr/per person, you pay at the Hellasgården reception when you arrive. The season ticket does not mean you get a free entry or a reduced price for the aufguss performances.


Entry for these evenings start at 18.50 (There is no point in trying to get in earlier, we are busy cleaning and preparing!) and goes on until around 20.00-20.30. Price: 330 kr.


Pre-book a spot by sending an email to Berthold Saar, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . To be certain of a spot, you should pre-book on Wednesday the same week at the very latest.



9th April - "Spring Refurbishment"


Theme: "Awakening". Meditative spa music and in the sauna: light movements, stretching similar to Qigong and relaxation. Peeling with sugar, salt and herbs. Scents: Terttu's herbs. This will be a refreshing and relaxed sauna evening!


16th April - Aufguss evening with Queen!


Theme: Nice German aufguss sauna combined with music from one of the best rock bands throughout history, Queen. There will be a small quiz about the band Queen and there will be ice cream for every right answer given. Scents: Refreshing.


21st May - A trip toward the east. 


Theme: Sauna with Finnish, Estonian and Russian characteristic aufguss cultures. Eartly scents as well as birch twigs is in the spotlight. We will also serve Estonian bread, Russian kvass and baranka.