Off road. Running in the forest, it´s the best there is!

Running in the forest, the exercise most conducive to your health that there is. Training your fitness, strength, balance, coordination, and – if you are reading your map – even your mind. All this, while at the same time you are having the most fun exercising, that you'll ever have; at least if you ask a person experienced in orienteering. 

The forests around Hellasgården are very well suited for orienteering, for the inexperienced beginner, as well as providing excellent training for those with more experience. The maps are of a high caliber, and after only a few hundred meters of running, you are already out in the deep wilderness.

Try our "course of the week"

Every week, usually Wednesdays, we arrange two new orienteering course. One for beginners, and one for experienced orienteerers. The course, as well as maps, you find in the reception/café down at the lake.


Try it out, with Hellas orienteering club!

If you would like to experience orienteering with knowledgeable leaders and together with others, then contact Hellas orienteering club. They hold training sessions at Hellasgården every Tuesday.
Or call the reception at: +468 716 39 61
We have maps for sale in the reception area
Naturepass: 100 sek per package
Map of the Nacka nature reserve-Erstavik (scale: 1:15000)  120 sek each

Map of Kärrtorp-Nacka  (scale: 1:10000)  100 sek each 


We can arrange a day of orienteering, for schools and others. Read more about it here.