Sauna with swimming and gym

The sauna is situated on the shore of lake Källtorp.
Entrance to the sauna, and payment of fees is done through our reception at the café.
There are two saunas, one for women and one for men.
As a saunabathing guest, you can cool off at lake Källtorp from our floating dock. Our guests swim here year-round!
After a swim in the lake, it is very popular to stretch out and relax on our nice terrace, situated with a nice view of the lake and directly adjacent to our sauna facility.
You don´t have to prebook use of the sauna during our regular business hours. As our sauna guest, you also have access to the gym facility.

The women and men switch sauna and changing rooms every Tuesday and Thursday

Men and women will switch changing rooms and sauna every Tuesday and Thursday. This means that the women will get access to the larger changing rooms and roomier sauna!
We will inform you and remind you when you pay the entry fee, so make sure you go to the correct side!
Mixed sauna on monday, wednesday and friday.
On Mondays from 10:00-20:30, on Wednesday 18-20:30 (together with arom sauna) and on Fridays from 18:00- 20:30  we have “mixed sauna”. Which means that female sauna guests are welcome to also use the men's sauna during these hours. The women's sauna is still on during these times for those who don't want to do mixed. 
Arom sauna with aufguss on moday and wednesday.
On Monday and Wednesday 18-20:30 we have arom sauna with "aufguss". Aufguss comes from the german sauna
traditions and translates as "pour". During arom sauna, the saunameister pours water blended with fragrant essential oils over the hot stones and elicits wonderful aircurrents by doing trained waving movements with a towel. 
Each sitting lasts for about 5-8 minutes.
At aroma sauna evenings there is also mixed sauna. Female visitors are then welcome to the men's sauna!
Saunameisterns: Johanna, Tomas, Lars and Tauno!
Arom sauna with aufguss may occasionally also occur on friday evenings at the same time.
We also offer peeling, usually the first monday and wednesday every month, 18.45 and 19.15. Peeling days for 2017 are (during July there is no peeling nor aufguss), 7/8, 9/8, 4/9, 6/9, 2/10, 4/10, 6/11, 8/11, 4/12, 6/12
Thursdays with peace and quiet and candlelight.
On thursday evenings we reward the calm and sedate. With lighted candles in the changing rooms, showers and with outdoors candles on the patio (when the wind allows also on the swim platform), we make it extra relaxing and cozy. WELCOME to a moment of peace and quiet!
Entry fees:
Adults: 65 sek per person
Children up to and including 16 yrs: 35 sek per person
You can also rent towels, one big for 30 sek or a big and a small for 40 sek. 
If you don't bring your own padlock, it is also available for rent at 20 sek, 
See more under our business hours
Rent our sauna!
The saunas are available for rental by private parties (businesses, associations, friends, family) during hours which are not part of our ordinary business hours.
Prices for private party rental of saunas:
For the women's sauna: 1950 sek/hour (+VAT), for the men's sauna: 2350 sek/hour (+VAT)
Sauna rental fee for both saunas (women's and men's): 3500 sek/hour (+VAT)
You can also hire a private saunameister who can do arom sauna with aufguss: 1000 sek/hour (+VAT)
The essential oils are included.
Booking private party sauna rental:
Or call: +468 716 39 61
Rules for using the saunas:
For everyone's enjoyment of the sauna facilities, please observe the following:
Please shower before entering the saunas
Please use a towel to sit on while in the saunas
No swim clothes allowed in the saunas
When you have been outside, please wash your feet before entering the saunas
No alcohol is allowed in the saunas
No glass bottles are allowed in the saunas
It is FORBIDDEN to use the sauna with:
- swim clothes or swimsuit
- shirts
- slippers
- newspapers/magazines
- food, candy, fruit
- glass bottles may NOT be taken into the building area 
- water may NOT be thrown at the walls
Please use a towel to cover yourself with respect to our non-sauna bathing guests while on the porch or when going to or from the floating docks
- Thank you for your cooperation!