Winter Ice Hole training and orienteering days

Hellasgården is a popular field trip destination for schools, in and around Stockholm.

Many schools base recurring parts of their curriculum here.

Winter Ice Hole training

Lifesaving and ice hole training for school and preschool must be booked well in advance, and are performed outside of general business hours.

Schools are offered a special booking price on the sauna, in conjunction with these training sessions.


Price for schools renting a Women's sauna: 700 sek/hour (excluding VAT), a Men's sauna: 900 sek/hour (excluding VAT).

Price for schools renting both the Men's and Women's sauna: 1200 sek per hour (excluding VAT).


Bookable times:

Monday: 8-10:30 o'clock

Tuesday-Friday: 8-11:30 o'clock.


Send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Or call: +468 716 39 61


To the teachers/leaders for your knowledge:


• Only students participating in the training sessions may use the locker rooms and saunas.
• A teacher or leader must be present in the locker rooms.
• No shoes are allowed to be worn in the locker rooms.
• No food is allowed in the locker rooms.
• In the saunas, only a towel around your waist is allowed, no wet shoes or wet clothes may be brought to dry in the saunas.
• The teacher/leader stays during the entire training session, and when it is over, is responsible for washing down the shower area with a hose, and cleaning it with a rubber squeegee so that it is presentable.The teacher/leader is responsible for left items, and has the responsibility to see to it that no items are left behind.
• Please see to it that the premises are left in the same condition as when you came. Any damage to the premises will be debited separately.


Orienteering – we provide complete arrangements!


We can provide complete arrangements for your school orienteering.

We have fixed prices for:

• Setting up a course, with a suitable degree of difficulty for your party.
• Drawing the courses in our modern program and then printing them for you.
• The deployment and retrieval of checkpoint punches and control screens.

If you would like to test the latest, state of the art, in orienteering such as: digital timetaking, so called “sportident”, then we can discuss the possibilities of arranging this for you.


Would you like to know more? Then send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or call: +468 716 3961