Go ice skating on lake Källtorp! Ice skates for rent.



The rental is closed


Status of the ice route on the lake (20180323): The ice is very soft on the surface. Because of that we have closed the skate rental. 


We are open 10 am to 3  pm, the equipment must be returnd 4 pm. 


Weekends might be crowdy, please prepare yourself with patience, tålamod [toolamaud], as we say in Stockholm. There might be some queue to the skate rental. If you have the chance to visit us in the week, you should take it!


The rental office for ice skates is located just across from the cafeteria.



Renting a pair of skates will cost 160 sek per hour. 


We highly recommend that you watch this short film on the subject, called: "If an accident happens." (In Swedish)