Ski tracks in the middle of the wilderness – close to the city!




Cross country skiing equipment rentals is closed


Weekends might be crowdy, please prepare yourself with patience, tålamod [toolamaud] as we say in Stockholm. There might be some queue to the ski rental. If you have the chance to visit us a weekday you should take it!



How to rent equipment:

1. Tell your approximate weight with clothes and your size of shoes. 
2. The staff will help you to find equipment for you.
3. You get a paper with the total sum.
4. Show that paper at the cashier in the café. Pay. If it is crowded in the café you can pay at the skate rental. 
5. Show your receipt at the ski rental, and leave a deposit.
6. Ski and enjoy!
7. Leave the equipment at the same state as when you got it. And in time! Get your deposit.



Rental pricing for cross country skis, poles, and boots:


Complete equipment adults     (190 sek) 1,5 hour
Complete equipment children * (120 sek) 1,5 hour


Complete equipment adults    (360 sek) 3 hours
Complete equipment children* (200 sek) 3 hours


Complete equipment adults      (550 sek) 1 Day
Complete equipment children*  (300 sek) 1 Day

 • (children are defined as being up to, and including the age of 16)


Note: The price for 1 Day is valid up until one hour before closing time.




Rentals require either a deposit of 500 sek, or your drivers license/ID card

We only take bookings if you want to make a full day or week rental. Do so by simply calling us at: +468 716 39 61 , during our regular business hours.

The rental is open 10-15 and you can return equipment latest at 16.


Ski tracks:

(20180325) Tracks are still possible to use, but we do not recommend them anymore. Warm days and cold nights have made them icy.


• The children's ski track, south of Ältavägen, on the so-called Hundängen, is 1.2km, start point by the tennis courts.
• The Yellow “fiver”, south of Ältavägen, 5km, skiing in a clockwise direction.
• The illuminated track, 2.3km, skiing direction clockwise.
• Stengärdet/Ängsspåren (soccergolf) 5.7km.
• On the ice at lake Källtorp, next to the icerink, 3km


The illuminated track, and the Stengärdet track, are maintained by the Järla orienteering and ski club.Read more at
There are several more good ski tracks close to the Hellasgården area, towards Björkhagen that we can recommend. These, however, are maintained by the city of Stockholm itself. More information on these can be found at

Visit our café and sauna, in conjunction with your skiing!